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When talking about the economy at the state level you have to start with homeownership.  Property taxes fund schools and build communities.  My opponent Chris West’s support of mandating Section 8 vouchers is one of the most egregious moves I have seen by a Republican in the state of Maryland EVER.  This action alone shows his complete contempt for the homeowners in his district and also his disregard for property rights and the basic concept of the American Dream, which is homeownership.  Our spike in crime in Baltimore County has also been a drain on our economy.


As a conservative commentator, public speaker and talk show host I dedicated an exorbitant amount of time on the issue of education.  I was one of the first in the media to educate the public on Common Core and was an original opponent of it. Many politicians at the local level, including my opponent Chris West, can only talk about money when it comes to education.  Fixing schools, replacing schools – it’s always about funding.  Obviously, money is needed to fund education.  However, money does not translate to education alone.  We have forfeited our parental rights on this issue.  In many ways the curriculum in K-12 is controlled at the federal level.  Teachers and administrators have lost almost all of their authority.  Maryland schools receive more money per student than almost any other state in the union, and yet almost no one in the state legislature can hold a conversation about the deplorable state of education beyond dollars and cents.   Again, money is needed for the infrastructure of schools, but the state of education is a different topic. I dedicated years while on the air to attending school board meetings, researching the Department of Education and keeping the public armed with information.  I empathize with the concern and anger of parents in our great state on this issue. You have my word that education will continue to be a top priority of mine.
Role of Government

Tax Reform:

Under the O’Malley administration, the state budget had increased by almost ten billion dollars and a bevy of taxes were levied against Marylanders to pay for it.  Sales tax increased by 20%, the rain tax was instituted, and a wide range of sin taxes was created and/or increased.  These excessive taxes are compounded by draconian regulations that disproportionately harm small business.  It will be a priority of mine to eliminate the Maryland estate tax; this is double taxation and should be eliminated.  I will never support any tax (sin tax) whose primary purpose is to dictate social behavior.   From sales, property, estate, gas, income, alcohol, tobacco … I could go on indefinitely.  We are overtaxed both nationally and here in the state of Maryland.  I will always fight for the taxpayer.  We work hard for our money, and we should keep more of it.  Larry Hogan has done a good job when it comes to taxes, but with a new generation coming in it will be important to have strong individuals in Annapolis to act as checks and balances when it comes to overtaxation.

Gun “Control“:

The assault on our Bill of Rights is appalling, and there is no greater example of this than the attack on the Second Amendment. Thanks to the O’Malley administration, you now need to purchase a “license” to exercise a constitutionally protected “right.” When the government transforms a right into a privilege, the stage has been set for limiting our access to that right. Look no further than the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment is included in the “Bill of Rights” not “The Bill of Needs.” Violence in our society is saddening and troubling; however, a political assault on our constitutionally protected rights is a distraction and a disingenuous political tactic to distort a very real issue. The problem is violence, not Americans exercising rights that are afforded to them in the United States Constitution. For the record I am not a gun owner, but I will always stand for constitutionally protected “rights.” The right to bear arms was a top priority of the Founding Fathers. I will fight to make sure the right is not infringed.


I am an advocate for the environment, and as a boater myself I have personal appreciation for the Chesapeake Bay. But as we have seen countless times, many pieces of legislation that are cloaked in protecting the environment are in many cases just back channels for taxes and fees.  I support protecting our environment and believe in truthful and honest debate when it comes to bills that many times have nothing to do with the environment.
Crime and Public Safety

Crime and Public Safety:

I stood behind the law enforcement community when almost all others in the media turned their backs during the riots of 2015.  My opponent Chris West has publicly stated that he can’t figure out why so many veteran police officers are leaving their profession.  I spoke out about this verbal assault on our officers back in 2015 and 2016.  I caught a lot of public criticism for doing so.  I did it then, and I will continue to support law enforcement if elected even if it’s politically unpopular to do so. “Nuisance” crimes need to be prosecuted as we have seen in the city. They have a real impact on communities. Building positive relations with the BCPD will be a focus.

 The one thing our Founding Fathers could not foresee -- they were farmers, professional men, businessmen giving of their time and effort to an idea that became a country -- was a nation governed by professional politicians who had an interest in getting re-elected. They probably envisioned a fellow serving a couple of hitches and then eagerly looking forward to getting back to the farm.


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